Latest powers:

Power ID: 504
Name: Raccoons
Status: ✖NOT Limited
Description: Raccoon smiles
Price: 222 xats  

Power ID: 503
Name: Glitch
Status: ✔Limited
Description: Glitching smiles
Price: 229 xats  

Power ID: 502
Name: Esmile
Status: ✖NOT Limited
Description: Random smile
Price: 200 xats  


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Extra information:

If you want to post smilies in Mundosmilies you may register, so, simply access our chat and then go to bot PC or PM and use command !ms register [ANY_PASSWORD]. Remember to use that command on bot PC or PM. Do not use the same password of your xat account or e-mail, also do not share any of your passwords. To login you can use