1. All languages are allowed in our chat, but our official languages are English, Spanish and Portuguese.
  2. Be respectful: you must respect the chat users, staff or editors.
  3. Don’t ask for xats, days, powers or ranks.
  4. Don’t send external links of sites that aren’t allowed by or Mundosmilies.
  5. You can use powers Size or Big, they are allowed when used sparingly. Glitches, bugs or things of such will be considered abuse, you will be reported and banned.
  6. You can use CAPS LOCK if used sparingly. Don’t abuse.
  7. Spamming is not allowed: you can’t use more than 5 letters repeated in a sentence except certain types of laughs like KKKK, JAJAJAJA, RSRSRS, HAHAHA, etc.. More than 4 smilies in a sentence also will be considered spam.
  8. It Isn’t allowed to use smilies for insults, defamation, or things of that nature. The result will be ban.
  9. All material must be suitable for all users. We don’t accept smilies, avatars or nicks that are inappropriate.
  10. It isn’t allowed to use/share sexual, hacking or offensive content. We also don’t accept users influencing others with this type of content.
  11. It isn’t allowed use the bot for bad purposes(abuse).
  12. Trading isn’t allowed on the main pool: if you don’t have days, you can ask for someone to sell them to you, but you can’t sell powers, xats, or days. It is however allowed on status.