Chat rules

  1. All languages are allowed.
  2. Be respectful. Respect the users.
  3. Do not ask for products (xats, days, powers etc).
  4. Do not send external links that are not approved by or by the Mundosmilies staff.
  5. You can use the Big or Size powers, as long as they are used cautiously and non-abusively.
  6. Using glitches and bugs will result in a permanent ban.
  7. The use of CAPS LOCK is allowed, as long as it is not abusive.
  8. Do not spam. Do not send too many letters or repeated smilies. Use for some laughs is allowed, for example: JAJAJA, HAHAHA, KKKKKK, HHHHH...
  9. Do not create/use combinations of smilies that are offensive or disrespectful.
  10. Do not use inappropriate material. You may not use avatar, name, homepage, status or anything else that contains inappropriate material.
  11. It is not allowed to talk about hacking or sexual nature in the room.
  12. Do not abuse the bot. Avoid command spamming or using it to generate inappropriate content.
  13. Trading is not allowed. If you need a day you can ask someone to sell you, but buying/selling xats, days or powers is prohibited in the main pool.